Tuesday, March 27, 2012

My story about toys and dolls

how many of you wonder how would a guy like me collecting action figure eventually collecting doll?^^i start a hobby of collecting toys since when i was childhood times.But my collection that time mostly are die cast cars,gachapon toys,freebies toys which you can get from food or households product.When reach teeagers times,my interest when to collecting gundam plastic models kit.Which you can see alot of youngster starting toys collection mostly began from gundam plastic model kits or mecha just as i was teeager times.One of my example i can found are from my younger cousin.^^Well after that you grown even more,you might thinking to stop collecting toys when you reach end of teeager times or start working.But there are also partial of people who still collecting toys when they reach the maturity state,and im one of them^^.Me and my bro sharing the same hobby since when we was young till now.When i graduted and came out to the society and work.My hobby become greater with collecting variety type of toys.

OK,how am i started to collecting doll?there are majority of people from tranditional till now that having a mind set that doll is for girl to play.If you are a guy,you play doll when you young.You might get scolded from your mum.lol.joking.From what im thought,im just collecting and admiring their beauty and not playing them. My doll collection started on year 2010.Which is 1 year plus,started when im was searching over the net on ebay looking for interesting toys.During that time,my eye get caught on a doll named as pullip.Well i describe the doll as beautiful,cute just as like as famous barbie doll considered as a same range type fashionated doll. Duting collecting pullip,i even met some great friends who sharing the same interest.Since started pullip, im also interested to doll called as bjd(ball joint doll).BJD range from alot of type from size to appearance which you can google over the net to find out more about it.if you interest^^.The photo shown was my second BJD named as yao yue,with an asian type of girl appearance.It even came to my mind that i must bring her to home.LOL.Finally,my dream came true,she here.^^My first bjd was a doll named as Aoi.She was a japanese animated appearance doll manufacturer by Volks company.I do recommend collecting it, if you are a japanese animation fans.Danny Choo one of a famous japanese culture blogger http://www.dannychoo.com/do affecting me to start collecting this kind of bjd named as Dollfie Dream.Not to forget think over this kind of doll actually quite costly.

Until this decade,majority of doll collector still stand from female. But im an not regreting starting this hobby,because i do found out there are also minority of guy who feeling passion collecting doll beside me.It also bring me different kind of experience and met some great guy who holding strong and passionate towards collecting them.http://dandaldoll.wordpress.com/ he was one of my friend that we use to share our experience in this hobby.

Well came to conclusion,until now i still on this hobby and will feel shy sometimes to show other because of the majority traditional mind set.I hope one day my wife will be able to accept my hobby and wont feel it as weird^^

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