Friday, March 2, 2012

Medicom PBM RAH 2011 Masked Rider Dark Kabuto 2.0

this Medicom Rah 2011 Masked Rider Dark Kabuto 2.0 cost me about 20,000 jpy++.consider the most expensive medicom i bought so far.My medicom collection become futher bigger. After have a review about this dark kabuto.I think this it worth to get with the nicely paint job and modlling.It indeed a improved version of dark kabuto 2.0 compare to 1.0 early version.Bigger in size and i can see he has better natural poseable abilty compare to early version.the pohoto shown is between my dark kabuto 2.0 and my kabuto 1.0 customize by me as shown early before.Which the height between them are just slightly different due to i change the inner body to RAH Naked Kai body.

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