Tuesday, October 5, 2010

Pullip Kirsche (new body)

i just change my pullip kirsche original body to the obitsu sbh large bust just after i go collect the parcel from post office today^^..which she look better now...what is sbh mean?sbh is the newest 27cm obitsu body which come with rubber soft bust and also one piece adorment rubber...if you want to change your pullip body as well...please choose carefully the skin color...white color is the recommended one...for bust size you can either get medium or large size...for small bust which i was not recommend you all to take...which was not so good looking in my opinion^^


  1. Wow, she looks sexy and gorgeous now! I thought L is really big but its ngam ngam =D

  2. yup she look gorgeous...i was same thought it was too big...but it was not^^

  3. This one can makes me nose bleeding liao. So deep cleavage =S



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