Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Hot Toys - BIOHAZARD 5: Albert Wesker Midnight Version

weapons:handgun,machine gun,shotgun,magnum,knife and laser

accessories:hand phone,shoulder holster,watch,eye glass and stand

Albert Wesker Based on popular video game biohazard 5 produced by Capcom...his special feature in this 12 inches figure included battery operated illuminated red eye(cat eye),up to 36 point of body articulation and his special outfit...released on 2009

Sunday, February 7, 2010


my very first 12 inches 1/6 scale figure made by hot toys... a company based on hong kong with their stunning masterpiece figure...specializing on popular movie celebrities and video game characters...with their truly likeness scuplt and detail painting...which really caught my attention to their product...
Silk Spectre II based on popular movie WATCHMEN from DC comics with the truthly likeness of Malin Arkemen and head sculpt with implant hair...26 point of articulations...comes with extra black coat ,a pair of interchangeable hands and a stand with name plate...


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