Saturday, February 26, 2011

Project BM Masked Rider Decade

reasonly i guess i having kamen rider decade you can see from previous post..all related to kamen rider another 1/6 scale kamen rider decade from medicom project bm release in year of 2009...

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Revoltech Predator

DX Belt Decadriver ディケイドライバー

the korean version decadriver from kamen rider decade...dx belt series manufacturer from bandai..come with 10 different of kamen riders card for you to put in the decadriver to activate the different sound come are able to activate more then 10 sounds uptil 124 sounds by using other ganbaride card which sold separatly.. seem like alot people still wondering the differentiate between this korean decadriver and japanese decadriver...the product are actually the same...nothing different..only the manual guide,the box,and the 10 riders card are writen in korean rather then japanese other then just a similar items..and yet this decadriver release in year of 2011..what i think this decadriver is slightly better then japanese version because only the card shown in pink bar are written in korean..other then this all the word are actually written in english neither back or front of the card!!!!

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Medicom Timehouse RAH 509 DX Kamen Rider Kaixa

Medicom Real Action Heroes line proudly bring you another masked rider 555 masterpiece released on early February. Featuring realistic molding on both the X-mark as well as the circular visor on his helmet and the Full-Metal Lung on his chest armor made from vinyl for better poseability. Kaixa Blaygun can be displayed in Gun Mode or Blade Mode and its Mission Memory is detachable! Kaixa Shot can be transformed to Knuckle Mode! His transformation belt, Kaixa Driver, includes a removable Kaixa Phone as well as removable Kaixa Blaygun and Kaixa Shot on either side! Kaixa Pointer can be displayed in binoculars mode or kick mode - two types are included! The Kaixa Pointer can be attached to the Energy Holster on either of Kaixa’s legs! The Kaixa phone can be displayed open, closed or in Phone Blaster mode and the Mission Memory is removable! The High Power Anklet on Kaixa’s legs is molded from separate parts, and numerous option hands are included for reinacting a number of scenes! Kaixa is built on the RAH301 Kai body for ultimate poseability and perfect proportions


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