Sunday, January 16, 2011

Good Smile Company Nenderoid Petite K-ON

come with 11 boxes+ 1 special inside...^^

Bambino Dolly Shop

ever wonder to have a trip to look for clothing and accessories for your children?beside of hong kong,singapore, and might want to have a try on this shop named bambino located in chatuchak bangkok..this shop provided with alot of stuff for your dolly from head to toes...even furniture for enchance your dolly lifeliness..i love their shop can see alot of pullip,taeyang and dal doll been display on all over their shop...if you a dolly sure enjoy shoppping there...their employee are kind and helpful...beside of bambino..there was another one named as bambino c which located somewhere nearby..the shop mainly sell alot of designer clothing and even custom doll!!

SHFiguartsEx Gills Raider

this gills raider included with stand which almost simlilar with the tamashii stage for gills raider doing action post..with half body metal and plastic part which quite heavy when you hold it..what i dislike about it is the motor handle of this gills raider unable to turn when it front wheel turn left and right..which make it look like abit unrealistic..overall is consider okay..

Saturday, January 15, 2011

Medicom Project BM and Real Action Heroes

from left masked rider den-o sword form,kamen rider the next no.2,kamen rider dragon knight ryuki...wakakakakakaka.....

Thursday, January 6, 2011

SHFiguarts Masked Rider G3-X

some fighting scene between masked rider G3-x and kamen rider Exceed Gills that i create which none related to the original movie..


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