Monday, March 28, 2011

Taeyang Rayne from Neo Angelique

here my very first taeyang from groove inc company..thanks to someone for letting the chance for me to buy him..he is one of my wishlist i got it...i have completed my neo angelique abyss series for this groove inc doll...including this taeyang rayne,pullip neo angelique and last dal erenfried...

Monday, March 14, 2011

Brandon trying out kabuto zector belt

i finally decided to name my dal erenfried as Brandon after he is showing the way to use kabuto zector to tranform...=S

Removing Medicom Pbm Kabuto Chest Armor and other

today i have try to open up the kabuto suit to check the problem that i found on his arm....after open up whole kabuto suit...broken arm spotted and yet it need a whole new body for changing...for the body i still havent buy...will cosider getting a new medicom massive 2 body for changing...for now i can only left the open up part left it somewhere until a new body arrive...

the most important part before you removing the kabuto suit is first you have to remove the kabuto chest armor then only follow by removing the suit...for me,i using a cutter to open up the gap between the side of armor that i circle down... (note i only open one side and the rest just slowly remove the chest armor..

Medicom RAH 436 DX Masked Rider Kuuga

Masked Rider Kuuga favorite thumb up pose

kuuga mighty form

Rider Kick
front view

rear view
kuuga posing with decade


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