Monday, May 17, 2010


YTL Boss Francis Yeo was giving support for danny choo^^..Francis Yeo said:"i will watching u at back danny"^^ before he left...=D

this guy even bring nendo for signature..

location lower ground of lot 10 hutong..was been there at five something evening and there was crowded with alot people..hmm danny choo was spotted grouped by people around..he was chating and trying to know everyone of us which was so friendly^^...he even bring his saber dollfie for us photo shooting...danny choo background...a person which famous with his website and bring japanese culture to the world through the internet..japanese culture was so amaze by many people around the world no matter you are asian or european american ...especially the young generation...and bring people who sharing the same interest to be together..well i think Danny Choo was great which able to carry out his hobby and make him what he was by now...

Sunday, May 16, 2010

my dd new hairstyle nice?

sorry the photo is abit dark...=)

Sunday, May 9, 2010

No more sub-standard toys for kids from next year

Sub-standard toys not allow to sell at malaysia starting from end of january next year...compulsary for toys maker to test their product before put it on market..mostly i think focused on toy safety which aimed those ages 14 and below...example of toys that affected such as choro-Q,hover-Q,Q-steer and many more from can get a very low price by now on market...which you will not see it starting by end of january next glab it if you want it...!! more from

Nendoroid-Testarossa The Movie 1st Ver

Bought her on today from xl shop...thought cant find her already..luckily still able to get her...


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